Botanical Garden With A Lumix

I have received many questions regarding the gear I use, and comments about how good of a camera I must have to capture my photographs - but Inspiring images have very little to do with the camera itself.

This week for my photography class I got the chance to visit the Desert Botanical Garden. With me I took a Nikon D7000 with three lenses (17-50mm 2.8, 50mm 1.8, and 80-200mm 2.8), and a Panasonic Lumix Lx5. I did not have many intentions to shoot with the Lumix, but once I got it out of my bag I noticed how much easier it was to carry around. I ended up taking most of the photographs with this camera, and I really liked the results I got from it.

The D7000 is a great camera with incredible performance, but it can be a hassle having to drag it around with other lenses. The Lumix Lx5 is extremely light and compact and does not compromise image quality - Plus, it offers full manual controls. I was able to get the shots I wanted with the much less expensive Lx5. Here are some sample images: